Mystery ‘floating city’ baffles viewers as buildings appear in middle of sea


People have been baffled by the sight of what appeared to be a floating city off the south coast of England.

Mind-boggling pictures have emerged of what appears to be a city skyline appearing above the sea in Portsmouth.

Towering buildings can be seen emerging from the Atlantic Ocean as if there were no land around them.

It comes just two days after HMR Prince of Wales, the biggest ship ever constructed in the UK, appeared to be “flying” in the air just off the coast of Devon.

Arthur Scott was struck by the bizarre appearance and took a picture of the floating block of buildings, which formed just a few miles south of the beach in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The 56-year-old told The Sun the mirage was there for about an hour.

“It looked like an Eastern bloc city in the sea, that’s the best way I can describe it,” Mr Scott said.

“There’s been quite a lot of ‘fata morgana’ mirage lately, where ships appear to float in the horizon, but that’s not what this was.

“Like everyone else in Portsmouth, I’m well used to seeing large container ships that look like floating islands, but this was stationary, way too long, and we looked at it for over an hour.”

The unusual appearance comes just two days after mind-bending pictures emerged of the 65,000-tonne carrier HMR Prince of Wales appearing like it was flying in the skies.

HMS Prince of Wales, which is big enough to fit three football pitches, was sighted in Dartmouth on Monday, just after the G7 summit in Cornwall.

Posting in the Dartmouth News and Support Facebook group, Christine Readwin shared a picture of the weird appearance saying:

“HMS Prince of Wales literally flying past the mouth of the river just now,” Christine wrote.