Mum realises mortifying blunder after helping binman collect recycling


Give a creative child access to the internet, and you’d be amazed at the havoc they can cause.

In this case, mum Janesse was left mortified at her creative child’s practical joke after watching a YouTube video.

She shared a video on TikTok, issuing an apology to the binman, after he had to tell her that her children had stuck a sanitary pad to her leg, with red felt-tip scribbles on it.

While panning down to show the pad, Janesse said: “I just helped the recycling guy load a bunch of boxes into his garbage truck because I was trying to be nice.

“And he’s the one that told me.”

After heading inside, she asks which one of her children carried out the joke, and one of them instantly confirms it was them.

She then asks: “So was it there when we went to Target and Walmart?,” which, sadly, it was.

After asking her son who taught him how to do that, he admits it was from YouTube, the bane of every parent’s life.

The mum added an apology to the unknown bin man in the caption of the viral clip.

Her video explaining what happened has been viewed more than 1.2 million times since being uploaded yesterday.

One viewer joked: “When as a mom, you don’t know whether to laugh or get mad.”

Another said: “OMG, give them up for adoption, it’s the only way at this point.”

A third tried to look on the bright side, as they said: “Well, your kids are jokester but they aren’t liars.”

One mum asked: “So you’re telling me your child was not laughing at you the whole time you were out? I know would have been suspicious about why my kid kept laughing at me.

“But your kid is a good pranker if they didn’t laugh when you were all out!”